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Q. What are your credentials?

A. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2007 with a bachelor of arts in English (technical-writing track) and a minor in magazine journalism. I’ve been doing mostly technical writing full time since then because it pays the bills, and writing and editing a multitude of content on a freelance basis – my real passion – since 2013. Freelance, I specialize in editorial writing and editing, as well as novel editing. I’m a contributor for xojane and HelloGiggles and have edited multiple novels, including one that made the New York Times Best Sellers list. For more information, check out my résumé and portfolio. I also keep a casual blog, so if you like rambling and animated GIFS, knock yourself out.

Q. What is your availability like?

A. In a word? Meh. I’m hoping to open my own LLC sometime in the near future and write and edit whatever I want, whenever I want. But for now I’m a full-time technical writer, so I usually only work on freelance content on the weekends. I am flexible, though, especially on smaller-scale projects, and will do my absolute best to accommodate your needs. Check out my calendar and e-mail me!

Q. How can I get a pricing quote?

A. First, check out my calendar to make sure I’m available for your project. Fingers crossed! Next, e-mail me the following information at based on your needs:

For writing needs:

For editing needs:

Q. Why don’t you charge per page or word for editing?

A. In a nutshell, I don’t list my pricing structure by page because people can use tiny font and single-spacing to get more work done for cheaper. Like writing a college research paper with a page-count requirement, but the opposite. A by-word edit is also tough to price generally because how long the edit will take me really depends just how much cleanup there is to do! However, I’m happy to edit a 500-word sample of text formatted however your heart desires and give you a per-word or per-page quote, depending on how long the sample edit takes. Just e-mail me at

Q. How flexible are you on style?

A. Pretty flexible! I’m skilled in both AP and Chicago Manual of Style, so one of those is what I will use – typically, AP Style for editorial and technical content and Chicago Manual for other types (e.g., novel edits). As far as things like spelling out numbers vs. writing numerals, I’m flexible. Just let me know what preferences you have that might deviate from standard styling. But if you try to tell me a comma goes outside a quotation mark, that apostrophes are sometimes used to create plural forms of nouns, or that “The hyphen you placed here looks weird,” I don't have as much flexibility there. I’ve actually turned down projects with these types of requests after seeing my sample edit because I don’t feel comfortable putting my stamp of approval on things I know are blatantly incorrect. However, I’m all for rearranging text and wording things differently to make sure your voice is heard! My goal is to create or polish something you’ll be proud of, while also being trusted to do my job. If that sounds OK, let’s chat ASAP!

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. PayPal! My PayPal e-mail address is actually different from my usual; make sure to use to send payments.